SystemHourly Rate
PE QuantumGX uCT$75.95
PE IVIS$55.25
MI Momentun MPI$47.62
PET insert (surcharge on top of MRI use)$121.86
Xerra CFT
Serviceper study rate
size A – small tissues$390.00
size B – one mouse$430.00
size C – two mice$530.00
size D – three mice$550.00
size E – larger animal$590.00
assisted operation for each instrument (excl Xerra)$51.35
animal technician time$51.35
Other Core Services
AMIF Bio-Imaging Consultation$51.35
Training – Use and Operationassisted rate per system
Training – Analysis$51.35
Unassisted Data Analysis (CT) one time fee$99.75
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