Bruker BioSpec 70/30

This is a 7T MRI with an insert for simultaneous acquisition of PET images and is one of a handful of systems installed around the world. In addition to the full capabilities of preclinical MRI, we can perform simultaneous PET imaging with 5 second temporal resolution or 0.7 mm spatial resolution (FDG). We have specialized RF coils for proton imaging of mouse brain and body, rat brain and body, and larger animals up to rabbit size. The system has built-in sequences for anatomical imaging, fMRI, diffusion weighted imaging, CEST and many other applications.

FDG for PET imaging is acquired from Cardinal Health, which is next door.  There is also a radiopharmacy for development of new probes in both non-cGMP and cGMP environments. Other isotopes (eg. Cu-64, Y-86, Zr-89) can be received from facilities around the country as required.

Simultaneous PET and MRI imaging of accumulation of 18F-FDG in the rat brain. Left: intravenous administration, Right: intranasal administration. Christiane Mallett (IQ)/Cesar Molinos (Bruker)/Kylie Smith (Biomedical Engineering)

Technical specifications:

  • 7T field strength
  • Actively-shielded superconducting wide-bore magnet
  • Reduced stray field
  • Actively-shielded and water cooled gradients with integrated shim sets up to 2nd order
  • Full animal monitoring and heating systems
  • Isoflurane vaporizer

12 cm gradients for high resolution MRI of mice and rats

  • Outer / inner diameter: 198 mm / 114 mm
  • Gradient amplitude: 440 mT/m
  • Slew rate: 3440 T/m/s
  • Linearity 80 / 50 mm DSV: < ± 4.5%, < ± 1.0%

20 cm gradients for use with PET insert and for rabbit MRI

  • Outer / inner diameter: 301.5 mm / 200.5 mm
  • Gradient amplitude: 200 mT/m
  • Slew rate: 640 T/m/s
  • Linearity 130 / 100 mm DSV: < ± 3%, < ± 2%