Experimental Design Consultation

You can image small animals using optical imaging (fluorescence and bioluminescence), PET/MRI, µCT, opto-acoustic imaging, magnetic particle imaging and hyperthermia. We have a space for surgeries, and suite of computers for image analysis. For all modalities, we will assist with experimental design and animal protocols, and either train users on image acquisition or acquire images for you.

Animal Housing (through Campus Animal Resources)

Mice and rats used for imaging studies are housed in holding rooms inside the imaging core, which are maintained by Campus Animal Resources. Facilites are accredited by AAALAC and registered with the USDA. Animals are housed in sterile cages, and the rooms are equipped with bio-safety cabinets and a lead cave for holding radioactive animals. In general, animals may not return to other housing after being used in imaging studies, although in exceptional cases this may be arranged through Campus Animal Resources.

  • Magnetic Particle Imaging
  • Magnetic Particle Hyperthermia
  • Photo-acoustic Imaging
  • µCT
  • Bioluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging